Following the successful launch of the Pineapple Hydration drinks in June, MGP have just launched their newest flavour: Lemon & Lime!

The hydration drinks are low in sugar (they contain less than half the sugar of other sports drinks), are fat free and vegan friendly. They’re packed full of vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B12 and Vitamin C to help boost the immune system, which in the recent climate is more important than ever, and also improve mental performance and cardiovascular health.

These refreshing drinks actively replenish the body while you play your favourite sport, and have already proved extremely popular in the summer heatwave.

MGP co-founder Cat Colman said: “The Pineapple Drinks were selling so quickly that we made the decision to bring forward the launch of Lemon & Lime to this summer – and we’re glad we did! Both flavours of the new hydration drinks have been flying out of pro shops, and we can’t wait to bring out a third flavour next year!”

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