MGP Nutrition is a unique range of delicious and healthy refreshments originally designed for golfers and now enjoyed by people across all sports. Husband and wife team Max & Cat Colman launched the brand in 2015 after spotting a gap in the market for healthy & great tasting drinks and snacks on the golf course. 

Max had previously been a professional golfer, and had been overweight as a young adult. This had led to health problems, and as a result he needed to improve his nutritional intake. However, he found that when he went to golf clubs the only refreshments available were unhealthy products, such as fizzy drinks and chocolate bars. So, he began making his own protein shakes on the course.

Years later, Max and Cat decided to create a range of healthy refreshments for the golf course. Max and Cat, who was a former professional dancer and keen golfer, set about producing recipes that delivered on health, convenience, and above all, taste. The range has developed over the years, and the current range contains the best tasting sport nutrition products you will ever find!

Originally known as Max Golf Protein, the brand has now expanded to cater to all sports and has been known as MGP Nutrition since 2020.


THE NEW ECO-FRIENDLY WATER: The new 100% Pure Still Spring Water bottles are made from plant based materials, including the cap which is made from sugarcane.

THE MGP HYDRATION DRINKS: Available in a range of 4 delicious fruity flavours - Pineapple / Lemon & Lime / Orange / Berry Boost - these incredibly refreshing drinks are low in sugar, fat free, and taste amazing! They are packed with vitamins including B, C and D to help improve cardiovascular health and boost the immune system. Berry Boost also contains caffeine to give you that extra boost!

THE MGP PROTEIN BARS: Apple & Cinnamon Bars and Banana & Cashew Bars - high in protein and low in sugar, these super healthy vegan energy bars taste great and are designed to give you the fuel you need to pay your favourite sport.

THE MGP PERFORMANCE PROTEIN POWDER: The Chocolate Protein Powder is 100% plant based, low fat, has no added sugar, no artificial colours and is packed with vitamins & minerals for a complete meal replacement, pre/post workout fuel, or a delicious & healthy snack.



Packed with vitamins B1, B6 and B12 which all help improve cardiovascular health, cognitive function and mental performance, the drinks also contain Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 which help boost the immune system and keep you feeling well (which, after the covid pandemic, we all know is more important than ever). The newest product in the range - MGP Berry Boost - also contains 150mg caffeine as well as all the above vitamins, which helps you feel more alert and improves strength and endurance performance.


Being hydrated keeps the oxygen moving to your cells. When you’re dehydrated you feel thirsty, lack concentration and lack physical strength and ability. Staying hydrated, especially in the summer, is vital to performing to your best. The MGP Hydration drinks are hypotonic, so they keep on actively replenishing your cells while you focus on your sport.


No! Although MGP was originally founded for golfers after Max & Cat spotted a gap in the market for healthy refreshments, the brand is now enjoyed by people in the gym, playing tennis, playing paddle, out for a run, out for a cycle, or just at home or in the office!



With more innovative new products launching in the future, all with a focus on helping to improve health and wellbeing, we hope you continue to enjoy MGP Nutrition.

Thank you,