Are you looking for a way to boost your protein intake while staying healthy? Our Chocolate Performance Protein powder may be just what you've been looking for. Made from pea protein, chicory root, guarana seed, maca root, sage leaf, ginger and yerba mate You can drink it as your post-workout recovery shake or just add it in smoothies like we do here at MGP Nutrition!


Our Chocolate Performance Protein is here to help you boost your protein intake, naturally! It can be used as a post-workout shake or simply added to your existing smoothies for an extra nutritional boost.


Our Chocolate Pea Protein is made from pea protein, which is rich in essential amino acids that help repair damaged tissue caused from working out. It's low in carbs and fat, so it's guilt-free!


Each pouch contains 25 servings just £1.20 per serving – perfect size for athletes on the go so you can easily pack this into you suit case and get fuelled on your travels.

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